Building  a Carrera car




Team 335 have  twice competed in La Cerrara Pan Americana (2006/11) in a Jaguar MKII and much to our surprise we managed to finish on both occasions. Fun and pain were had in equal measure and with two races behind us it was time to do it properly (our version, not everybody else's).


Once you have raced in La Carrera Pan Americana you find you have no other option than do it again. La Carrera is called the ultimate road race because its run over seven days, you drive over 3000 km across the most amazing country absolutely flat out in historic sports cars, what's not to love?


OK it might be just a little bit dangerous..


This time we all wanted to have another go in something perhaps a little more competitive? 


After looking at our options the camp was split between going down a class to historic A (4 cylinder) with a MGB or Lotus Cortina or continuing to develop the Jaguar MKII for Historic B (6 cylinder). 


So with all that taken into consideration we saw an advert for a restored endurance rally car and bought an Aston Martin DB6.


On these pages we will endeavour to document the journey from slow over weight endurance rally car to light weight race prepared La Carrara contender.


Well thats the plan... Apparently