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Would you like us to tell you a story?  This  story is about  an Aston Martin DB6, a group of friends and a road race in Mexico called La Carrera Pan Americana.


This story, like all good stories starts at the beginning, and like all truly great stories it starts in the pub, The Bell to be precise.


One overcast autumnal Sunday afternoon Team 335 gathered as usual at our own table in the public bar of  The Bell.  After couple of pints of Harveys, a jar of pickled eggs and half a packet of pork scratchings we started browsing the internet looking for an elephant foot umbrella holder for the 335 clubhouse.  


Our search was interrupted when Mr Nick burst through the door, late, short of breath and even more dishevelled than usual. He was very keen to tell us about and advertisement he had seen pinned to a tree whilst he was 'walking his dog' the previous evening. Mr Nick proceeded to remove a damp piece of paper from his pocket and smoothed it flat across the table in  front of us. It was the advertisement you can see below.


With memories of the Jaguar MKII we had raced in 2006/11 still all to vivid, the team were not interested in racing another six cylinder heavyweight British saloon car tthe length of Mexico. No matter how pretty.


The afternoon progressed and another round was ordered and we resumed the search for a suitable Elephantidae appendage.  As the day floated on  some more drinks were consumed the conversation returned to the Aston advertisement and a lively debate ensued.  After more drinks the initial decision was reversed by a unanimous vote that no one can now remember and No.1 volunteered to see if a deal could be struck on the Aston.


Enquires were made, assorted Middle Eastern antiquities, a Rod Stewart portrait (signed by the local artist) and a small cash balanced were offered in payment. 


Hands were shaken and Team 335 had a Aston Martin DB6 Carrera project




For Sale 1967 Aston Martin DB6


This DB6 saloon was initially registered in November 1967, the first registered keeper being a John (Johnny) Ireland from Wolverhampton, Industrialist and Chairman of Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club! It was then sold to Scottish Motor Services in Glasgow in 1986 and then to a Mr Cleanthi of Coulsdon Surrey in 1995. The car was purchased by the last keeper in 2001 with the intention of converting it to Rally spec to compete in the 2003 Arctic Rally.

This car has since successfully competed in many other rallies from 2003 to 2009 as follows: 15th Classic Pamplona, 15th Winter Monte Carlo, 2nd Emerald Isle, 16th Winter Monte Carlo, 3rd Emerald Isle, 17th Winter San Remo, 4th Emerald Isle, Rally of the Tests, Rome Liege, 20th Classic Cortina. 

Some of the main rally preparation includes the following.
4.2 Cosworth spec engine conversion, motor sport suspension front and rear, motor sport brakes front and rear, Sparco seats and harness, full insulation, twin fire extinguisher system, fire resistant bulkhead, long range tank, roll cage trimmed in leather, towing eyes front and rear, large mud flaps, driving lamps, air conditioning, power steering, rally spec wiring loom, oil coolers, specialist trip meter, undertray protection, motor sport prop shaft and aluminium multi core radiator.

All of the conversion and maintenance is fully documented.

Serious enquires only.


Possible part exchange for vintage taxidermy (No Emus please).

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